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HYDRO-LOGIC, INC. is in the field of chemical water treatment of steam and hot water boiler systems, closed recirculating chilled and hot water systems, and cooling tower/condenser water systems used for comfort and process heating and cooling purposes.

HYDRO-LOGIC water treatment programs are designed to provide your systems with maximum service and the most economical utilization of chemicals and water for optimum protection from deposit formation and excessive corrosion. We believe in educating our clients so the application and understanding of water treatment will no longer be a mystery to engineers. Most all HYDRO-LOGIC water treatment chemicals are our own formulations and as such we have the capability to custom blend products when needed. Our strong relationships with our raw material suppliers and consultants coupled with our experience with in-the-field applications have provided HYDRO-LOGIC with all the knowledge necessary to fulfill our growth goals.

HYDRO-LOGIC is a participating member of the Association of Water Technologies, a group of over 300 independent water treatment companies throughout the United States. Membership in this organization provides education for our personnel that keeps us at the "cutting edge" of water treatment technology. This information is quickly shared with our clients through seminars and publications.

HYDRO-LOGIC, INC. is the finest, most skilled and capable supplier of water treatment products and services in the Delaware Valley. Our commitment to our clients is unparalleled because we are people who genuinely care about doing the job the right way, without cutting corners. Our clients have become our best sales people because we feel our reputation is our greatest asset.

Dedication, service, hard work, loyalty, and integrity describe what HYDRO-LOGIC is all about. If these qualities are important to you, please consider HYDRO-LOGIC when evaluating your water treatment requirements.

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